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wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2015

For funk loving readers - a poem from my book "Funky Poems Treasury" :)

Human Aliens in my Neighborhood

(Ridiculous ideas)

Weird things are scary,

weird things are bad…

Who said that?

Weird is just different,

funky and absurd,

like all the Aliens in my


There is an old lady in one square room,

who flies on daily basis on the magic broom!

There is this tall guy, who lives down the block -

believe you me, he rides a peacock!

And our barber? He is just nuts -

runs in a circle with a shaving knife!

My mother’s friend has wacko-horrid hair -

sometimes I think spiders live in there!

When the full moon shines up on the sky,

there is one person turning furry gray!

This little girl that smiles so shyly

turns into red-puffed monster while crying!

I know a boy, (he’s my best mate)

who swallows snails just for the taste!

Then there is my dad (shhh… kind of surprise),

he hides from my mom when puffing cigars!

And on the market there is a grocer

with webbed hands and seaweed in his galoshes!

Then there is ME, in Harry Potter’s hat…

I’m just a weirdo that thinks of all that!

(C) Katarzyna Georgiou

rys. Virginia Issel-Balcar

Funky Poems Treasury, 2014 wyd. Eurosystem

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