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wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2012

For English loving enthusiasts - fun with Body Parts Party :)

Body Parts Party
Short Poems by Katarzyna Georgiou
Zaczynam od pępka - najbardziej śmiechotwórczej części ciała :)

Bellybutton on my tummy
smiles at me and moves so funny.
Sticks out like a little bud,
looking at it makes me laugh!

My head hurts, my head aches,
pills and syrups do not help.
So I’ve seen no other way
but to say... “Head for sale ! “

My nose is big,
my nose is round,
it smells all scents
like a dog hound!

Mouth smiles and shows clean teeth.
Mouth smacks with glossed red lips.
Mouth gives sweet and nice kisses...
If you truly wash-wish it!

“Eyes and Ears”
What a duo, what a pair,
eyes and ears help me well.
I can see, I can hear -
lucky me, My Dear!

Make a face, make a face,
funny or sad, happy or bad.
If you do, I will make
great “Say Cheese!” photo take!

Neck is turning right and left
flexing muscles, moving head.
Good thing is that neck can’t spin
like crazy cartwheel machine!

I have shoulders like boulders,
strong and wide like an oxen...
I look like tough rugby player,
but I’m not... I’m a boxer!

I have an itch down my back -
I need a hand that would scratch.
So, I invented this five fingered tool
that’s called: Back-Handy-Baboon”!

My chest moves up and it moves down
with my every breath - in and out.
I wonder if it’s like a balloon
expanding and shrinking - puff,zoom!

Jelly-Belly, Belly-Jelly
I have belly that’s in trance.
Jumps and wiggles when I laugh,
Jelly-Belly funky dance!

Hip hop hips
swinging side to side.
Shake a body, shake a body!
Shimmy Hippy Hype!

Bum, Behind or Bottom -
call it as you please...
Life without such feature
could be trouble... Miss!

“Arms and Hands”
Arms are good for hugging...
So, warmly squeeze your friend!
Hands are great for touching...
So, give me FIVE again!

“Fingers and Toes”
If you guess this riddle nice,
you’ll be the owner of HUGE surprise!
“I have ten fingers, I have ten toes,
but goodness gracious, what a nose!”
What am I?

I have two legs, but
some creatures have four.
Spiders have eight legs,
who would like some more?

Shaky, wobbly, sometimes knobbly
knees are helpful gadgets, kids!
Without knees how could you walk?
I guess, like on the iron sticks!

Dancing, prancing, stomping feet -
walking, running, tapping beat.
Skipping, jumping from here to there,
funny feet are everywhere!

“The Whole Self”
It’s “Me”, I loudly scream -
a wonderful human machine.
Heart, lungs and brain,
muscles and bones as well,
plus body parts galore
make me greatly whole!
Thank Goodness I’m not a ROBOT...
Or else I would have to talk
Of chips, wires, some electronics
and a Windows Program work!

Autorem rysunków jest Virginia Issel Balcar

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