Świat dziwny, świat senny w marzenia zaklęty...

Zapraszam w świat kobiecej tajemnicy, gdzie serce rozpoczyna swój spacer wokół zewnętrza ciała... gdzie Wiatr mówi do Księżyca: "Zdmuchnę Cię!"
Welcome to my Imagination's World :)

poniedziałek, 5 marca 2012

Magic Wand - welcome to my anglo-world of imagination :)

Magic Wand

In my very private land
I can use the magic wand.
Spin it fast – you get blast.
Spin it slow – you will grow.

Use your inner light at once
and imagine… what a chance!
Think of things you can change,
laugh at fun you’ll arrange!

Talking doors, square-head pets
fruity veggies, biking jets,
bubblegum delicious chops,
fluffy snakes and lemon drops.
Rollerblading bears and dolls,
never ending ice-cream cones,
blue spaghetti, shoo-fly pie,
chocolate-mint clouds in the sky.
Jolly Giants, crazy ghosts,
dragons in the pink hair bows,
boxing fox in puffed-up socks
and other fancy fantasy folks.

Would you like to be my guest?
Not a problem, have a guess…
There is a secret magic word
that opens every kind of door…
Here is a CLUE
just for you:

Imagination is a little bright light… It illuminates all you know… and more.

(c) Katarzyna Georgiou
Wiersz z tomiku "Imagination's Light - Funky Poems for Kids"

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